Gold on the Ceiling


I feel like I haven’t posted in forever and it has only been three days. I figure its easiest to break up my posts into individual days, so you don’t get a neck cramp from all of my writing. Well, in true Wesley-Italian fashion I hadn’t really planned my trip to Rome very well in advance. I found this tour guide company through and it was called The Roman Guy. Which sounds like the most basic name I’ve ever heard. I was actually kind of nervous about them being a fake tour guide company. Anyways, so I text Jen while I’m in class and say “hey I found a tour guide, pack your bags for the weekend for Rome.” If you live with me and I guess even travel with me sometimes I do things spur of the moment. Before we left, I through together a pizza for lunch and it turned out fabulous. I’m starting to get the hang of this lifestyle.


After lunch off we went to the train station. Our train was extremely nice compared to the previous trains that we have been on. My standards may be a little skewed though because nice to me equals air conditioning. It’s funny how your standards change in different environments. I picked up a coke before I left and I first got “I will survive” which was a nice idea but I was looking for something a little more insightful.

When we arrived, we checked into our hotel Boscolo Palace which is great if you ever go to Rome and need a place to stay. It’s right across the street from the US Embassy, so if things go south you know where to go. For dinner Jen and I used a recommendation from TRG and went to Stazione di Posta. The menu included different tasting menus so I decided to order the seven courses, naturally. I mean when in rome, right? I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited to say that. So ladies and gents pull out your napkins and get ready for your mouth to water.


First course: Shrimp in a creole type sauce sprayed with tequila. I don’t know if y’all can tell but the little green things were set up to be like cacti.


Second course: Spare rib marinated in a sweet sauce served with a breaded ball of mashed potatoes with cheese in the middle. When I cut my fork into the ball the cheese oozed out. Cue the forever clogged arteries.


Third course: Smoked salmon served on a tomato juiced soaked foccacia bread.


Fourth course: Chinese inspired ravioli with chicken and breadcrumbs. These ravioli were actually see through which was a little strange. They were served in a chicken broth.


Fifth course: Pigeon. Yes, I said it, pigeon. It was actually pretty good. Mentally it was hard to wrap my brain around the fact that I was eating one of the more annoying birds on a stoop that I had ever heard. I don’t know if many of you are pigeon connoisseurs but the meat was actually more of a dense red meat than white meat like I had expected.


Sixth course: Italian smores. The pink were a marshmellow type thing dipped in strawberry icing. The chocolate was a chocolate cake dipped in chocolate rolled in nuts. Both were served in a container of jelly beans.


Seventh Course: Dessert part two. Whipped ricotta cheese with biscuits on top served with chocolate and caramel sauce.

Well, after we indulged in all of that we listened to a little reggae music and headed home. I left out the part where we met one of the nicest Romans ever. Her name was Flavia and she was the host of the restaurant. She gave the cab driver directions to the restaurant, met us at the gate and even walked us out to the taxi. She later texted me all of the fabulous places to shop and eat in Roma. I can’t tell you what a big help her advice was. She was truly a gem of a person.

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