Long time no see, right? Well, I just got back from Santorini and can I say that it was amazing?! It was definitely worth getting up at 4 a.m. to catch a flight for. Jen and I scrambled to get our stuff together and out the door on Thursday to catch a train by 4. Well I don’t know if you know this, but Jen and I have become train masters, pretty much conductors at this point. We arrive in Roma and have to take a train to the airport. Yet again, there was another gypsy there waiting at the validation stand. It’s not so much a safety risk more of an annoyance. We dodge her and hop on the train to the airport.

We wanted to go back into Roma for the Frida exhibit but we didn’t have enough time. Instead we went into this little town that is close to the seaside/airport to have dinner. At this restaurant we indulged in some great food. Actually when we first got there there was only one table–us. So I was a little sketched out plus the fact that the restaurant was in an ally was a little sketchy too. After dinner we headed back to the hotel and crashed for about four hours.

If any of you have ever traveled through or to Rome airport then I think you can join me when I say that that airport is pure CHAOS. Checking into that mess was some kind of deal. The way you find your check in gate is by a departure board and then you get in line wherever it tells you to go. After that you get in the line for security, where you don’t even have to take off your shoes, fyi. Fortunately for us there was a bar open at 5 so we grabbed a quick coffee and headed to our gate. That was probably the first airport that I’ve seen a Gucci in casually. Forget magazines, I’ll take a handbag for my flight.


Everyone waiting to see the sunset.

Once we arrived to Santorini, we grabbed a quick breakfast at our hotel The Majestic Hotel. For any of you who plan on going it is an awesome hotel and very accommodating! Plus it’s maybe 50 ft outside of Fira which is the capital of the island. There are also two swimming pools one for adults and the other for kids. Which means no splashing Wesley while she attempts to sunbathe. Anyways, our view of the island was majestic. There’s really no other word to describe it but majestic.

IMG_1632After we got settled, we caught the shuttle to Oia to watch the sunset. Everyone on the island migrates to Oia for this occasion. Anywhere you can find a seat you take it. I found a seat around the edge but after the second round of tour groups, we could no longer see the sun. So Jen went to scope out the seating situation, all of a sudden I hear my name, and she had ended up on a totally different level from me. After much debate, we packed up and move to a new spot right in the nick of time. Needless to say the pushing and shoving was worth it.

IMG_1642Once we escaped the packs of tour groups, we had dinner at a restaurant called Floga. The view was amazing and the food was delicious. We had tomato dumplings which to me were the equivalent of fried green tomatoes. At first I thought to myself, I came to Greece for a southern staple? Then with a little Taziki it was a different ball game. For our entrees, Jen had salmon with a lavender sauce I want to say and I had the beef tenderloin. All of which was great. After we ate we had to make a bee line straight for the shuttle. Day one of Santorini–CHECK!photo6(4)

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