The World Spins Madly On


Well, today Jen and I took on Pisa. We had to escape the heat of Florence and our apartment so we figured closer to the coast would be best. The train navigating was a little less exciting this time which was quite a relief. I guess I’m getting the hang of this European lifestyle. I met two girls from Canada that were backpacking across Europe. They started out in London and have been through Germany, Switzerland and Italy. We were chatting about the things that we miss back home. Air conditioning was numero uno on our lists. It’s amazing how many friendly people you meet while traveling abroad.


When we arrived we looked at the map of Pisa and just started heading North. It was a really easy town to navigate plus the signs were a big help. Pisa is so much prettier than Pistoia! Our plans were originally to get our picture with the leaning tower and have lunch and leave. That all happened but we got a little side tracked in this adorable paper shop. They had all kinds of stationary, bookmarks and pens. I picked up a few souvenirs for my fam bam. I also had a delicious pizza from a trattoria. Then Jen and I headed to a tea room to enjoy a few sweets with a killer view of the leaning tower.


After the sweets and treats Jen and I headed back to the train station. I can say that Pisa was a great little day trip. I don’t think that I would want to stay for an extended amount of time there. Our train was weirdly delayed for about 20 minutes. I don’t even know how a train is delayed? Anyways we made it back safe and sound. The funniest part of the train ride was getting off the train. A woman that was sitting in the seats next to us left her hats, so I told Jen that I would go run after her to give them to her. Well, I see her walking down the terminal and I said, “scusa, scusa!” She didn’t respond so I tapped her shoulder. You would have thought I would have touched her with a knife! She screamed bloody murder and jumped forward with a horrified look on her face. Then she realized I had her hats and she was mortified for reacting the way she did. Her reaction gave Jen and I a good laugh for about three blocks down the road. I guess no good deed goes unpunished!




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