Fly Me to the Moon


photo1(12)Ciao Ciao!

Today was a very calm and relaxing day. I woke up and watched a little tube and got ready for brunch with Jen. Which I guess my “brunch” is technically a late breakfast because I can only wait so long. For those of you who don’t know, I usually wake up very early for my age group. We went to the cutest little tapas/bar(coffee) place. Jen had the pancakes and I had scrambled eggs and bacon–with a muffin. I didn’t want to short myself. I give a grade A for effort from the Italians for bacon but it wasn’t like the good ole US of A. However, it was still good and I even had a latte made with love! Well, the barista made a heart into the foam which was pretty cool.

IMG_1479 IMG_1480

After breakfast Jen and I wondered down to the grocery store and got stuff for lunch. I was browsing around and decided I was going to make a pizza, by god. So, I used my Italian language and culinary skills and I grabbed some supplies. The language skills were used for the butcher if you were wondering. So here are the before and after pictures of my pizza. Not to toot my own horn here but it turned out GREAT. Call me if you ever want a pizza. I told Jen prior to the pizza making that she shouldn’t expect to open a pizzeria after my first try. SIKE! I may stay over here and open up my own shop. I put cheese, mushrooms and arugula on it. Top notch, my friends, top notch.

Once I stepped off of my victory pedestal, I got to FaceTime with good ole Johnny! Probably the highlight of my day because I’ve missed him quite a bit. He’s been on west coast time, so I couldn’t really talk to him until about 8 o’clock at night. I can say that the time difference is definitely a buzz kill. Anyways chatting with him was great and I even snapped a candid of him. 


Tomorrow Jen and I are heading to Pistoia to see Jack Johnson at the Blues Festival. It is supposed to be 75 degrees up there–pefection. I am SO excited!! Concert in Europe will be checked off of my bucket list!





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