Red Red Wine Go To My Head


Ciao bellas!

Today was a day full of one of my favorite beverages–wine! I had my first glass at about 10:30 this morning. I guess wine is the new coffee. Our lesson in class today was over the different types of wine throughout Italy. The focus was on the Tuscan region. We tried a white, rose and a red wine. The red had a very unique cherry taste to it. Honestly, I never really knew much about the different types of wine, but after I leave here I may be an expert.


Just a casual lesson in class.


After my lecture class, I went to my wine tasting course. Today we focused on pairing wine with food. I was given the 13 wine commandments of pairing. I was telling my professoressa about my course earlier and what we had tasted. She asked me which wines we had tried and I told her about the Castello di Volagnano(red wine) and she said that’s from my vineyard! She was so casual about it like no big deal I own my own vineyard. Anyways, she told me her vineyard produces four reds, one sparkling wine and grappa. She also informed me how a rose is made. She said a typical red is produced with the skin of the red grape for 18 days, but a Rose only has the red grape skin for one day. This process gives the rose its actual color. She also told me the most tragic thing about wine is that sparkling wine could be the most neutral wine, but it is mostly used for only celebratory purposes.


Wine pairing part due.

From my wine class, I went down the street to my vegetarian culinary class. Today’s lesson was focused on carrots. We made a carrot gnocchi with two different sauces: walnut and olive oil with rosemary. The walnut sauce was the I literally ate the whole plate. I had never made gnocchi before, and I was shocked at how easy the process was. We took one potato with two carrots and it made enough for three people. Next we had a carrot type individual casserole deal. I can’t really describe it without it sounding weird. Basically we took shredded carrots with cream and put gorganzola cheese on top and baked them. The cheese made a nice little crispy layer on top. For dessert we made carrot cake which was awesome. Maybe we went a little overboard on the carrots? I don’t know. It was a pretty good meal though.


Carrot gnocchi

I met back up with Jen at the apartment and chatted with her about our days. She told me that she met a 70 year old artist that told her he would trade her painting lessons for italian lessons. Is it sketchy? possibly. She was surprised that I had been drinking wine since 10:30 in the morning. I can’t say that isn’t an abnormal reaction, I was quite surprised myself. We decided to go out for some desert. We had heard that the Secret Bakery was top notch, so we whipped out our map and off we went.

Now, before I tell y’all this, you should know that Jen and I both love a good desert therefore we should not be judged for our actions. As we were reading our map and calling our roommates trying to find this place, we found ourselves in the sketchiest ally way possible. Jen and I put our nose in the air and were walking around in a big square because we could smell the sweets but we couldn’t find the entrance. Thirty minutes later and three attempted italian conversations later, I found myself trying to open every door on the block. In a buckled over laughing state, I asked jen “What has Italy done to us?! We’re animals!” We found a man that told us that the bakery doesn’t open until midnight. It was 10 o’clock. So as we slowly walked away with our heads in our hands we went to the nearest restaurant we could. A split cheesecake and decaf lattes later, we were walking our 15 blocks back to the apartment. I can say that after that experience I have GOT to go back to the Secret Bakery. Even if I have to drink coffee to stay awake to get me there.




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