So I have been kind of under the weather here lately therefore I haven’t gone to any cool museums. However I have done my fair share of my own culinary adventure. On Monday, in my Food, Culture and Society class we learned about the slow food movement. Which in sum just means that Italians tried to slow the process down of fast food chains moving into Italy. We also did a bread and honey tasting. We tasted breads from Firenze all the way down to Puglia. I was shocked at the difference in bread texture and taste. The honey was a whole new ball game. She served us a honey that was almost crunchy, it had so much sugar in it. I found that the orange blossom was my favorite honey though.


Sicilian gelato: Almond mixed with Sicilian Soul

On Monday afternoon I took a Classic Italian culinary course. We made a zuppa with cabbage, cheese and bread all baked together. Delicioso. We also made veal stuffed with cheese and covered in bread crumbs. I’m telling yall, if I don’t gain thirty pounds it will be a miracle.

Today I went to class and we learned about pasta and gelato. AKA the keys to my Italian heart. Did you know there are over 400 types of pasta throughout Italy? Let that sink in a little bit. 4-0-0. Sadly we didn’t have a pasta tasting, but we did go to two different gelaterias. The first was a Sicilian shop, which Sicilian flavors are mostly nuts and citrus fruits. They also use organic products and not a creme base. Florentine gelaterias use more creme based and are known for chocolate and plain creme tastes.


Now to the interesting part, dinner. By recommendation from my cousin, Jen, Maddie and I went to Acqua Al’ 2. She told me that I had to try the blueberry filet. So, I suggested this to my roommates and we decided to do a sampling. We sampled five pastas which included: meat sauce with rigatoni, broccoli sauce with a shell pasta, spinach sauce with a spiral noodle, gnocchi with a sweet pepper sauce, and a bowtie pasta with a mushroom sauce. My favorite had to be the spinach pasta.


From left to right: balsamic filet, sirloin and the blueberry filet.

Now for the real deal–the steaks. The samplings were blueberry filet, balsamic filet and a sirloin over faccacia(pardon the spelling) bread. Holy smokes, I think I died and went to heaven. The blueberry sauce was Ah-mazing. I would almost say life changing but I don’t know if it would do it justice. After that it was all down hill with desserts, because OF COURSE we had a desert sampling that included: cheesecake, chocolate cake, strawberry tart and tiramisu. Let me just say that I was waddling out of the restaurant. I don’t know what it is about Italy but all I want to do is eat.

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