The Hike


(See that mountain, yeah I climbed all of the way around it.) 

Buon Giorno!

Today was a day that I will never forget. The day that I climbed something as close to Mt. Kilimanjaro that I ever want to get. It was actually just through the hills of Cinque Terre but it was still intense. The morning started off with a 7 a.m. departure from the bus stop. It took us two and a half hours to get to Cinque Terre and then we took a train to go to the different towns. Well, I was informed that it was a “leisure” hike. HA. At one point it was completely vertical. I was hiking in my converse because I didn’t think to pack any reliable tennis shoes. The hike took us approximately an hour and a half to power through. Needless to say it was brutal and I have no guilt whatsoever about eating pasta now. Once we arrived to Vernazza, the town was just amazing. It basically looked like a post card when I first saw it. Maybe it was because I was delusional from all of my abrupt physical activity, I don’t know. I do know that water and a caprese salad have never tasted so good.


(This is the town of Vernazza, which I thought was a mirage after my hike.)

After Jen and I relaxed for a while we decided to take a water taxi to the town where we were supposed to meet our group. I’m glad that we did it instead of taking the train only because we saw things from the water that we wouldn’t have seen. Once we arrived, we waited for like 30 minutes for our guide to arrive and then we just decided to get on the train. Fortunately he just so happened to be on said train. Luckily everything worked out and everyone made it back to the bus/train on time.


Jen and I in Riomaggiore

Anyways, today was an awesome day and I am really loving Italy still. I honestly don’t want to leave. Tomorrow marks the start of my second week here which is pretty crazy, if ya think about it. I think tomorrow Jen and I are checking out a leather market. I’ve learned that ya never know what you will discover here in Italy!



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