Just Another Fish in the Sea



So today I woke up and found an international breakfast caffe on my way to class. I hate to say I was craving an omelette and a coffee so I found just that! Class was very interesting today. We learned about the different types of truffles and where they are harvested. The white truffle is the best, most potent truffle. The black is found in central Italy and is less expensive. We took a field trip to a place that sells all things truffles. We tried a panini with truffle cream spread in the middle. It was so delicious. I might have left the shop with some truffle honey. Which sounds completely gross but it is actually life changing. My lunch was a chocolate crescent with an espresso. Diet starts the first day I get back, I promise. HA.

The truffle bar


Once I finished my crescent it was off to my wine tasting class. I learned so much about wine in such a short period of time. My instructor had her doctorate from the University of Florence in Wine Studies. Next week we are learning about different foods to pair the wines with. After my wine course, I called Jen and we decided to get a nice pedicure from some fish. Dropping my feet into a tank full of eager beaver fish was freaky to say the least. They were literally swimming around the top of the tank like piranhas. After about five minutes they cooled down and I was able to take a breather.


After Jen and I finished with the fish we met the roomies for dinner. We found a restaurant that had a 15 euro deal which included wine, water, four appetizers, three pastas and a little limoncello. It was really cool having everyone at dinner at the same time. Usually we all kind of do our own thing. After dinner we almost made it back home until I mentioned dessert then off we went. They may end up rolling me back onto the plane once this thing is over, but at least I can say I had a good time.


From left to right: Meg, Maddie, Camille, Jen, and Jamie!


2 thoughts on “Just Another Fish in the Sea

  1. So glad you are having an amazing time. Would love to travel to Italy at some point! Be safe and we love you!
    Aunt Jan

  2. I am so glad you are having such a wonderful time! There’s nothing better than having fun while learning! Love you and can’t wait to hear all of your “other” stories when you get home! Be safe!

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