That time I took a tuscany cooking class with a New Zealander and a Turkish Girl.



So today was my first day of class and I love my professor Cicci! I left my apartment around 8 for my class at 9. I figured that I could grab an espresso before I headed that way. Well, an hour and 20 minutes later I was lost in some neighborhood and didn’t have the slightest idea where the school was. The language barrier hasn’t been too tough, but trying to ask for directions with minimal italian skills was difficult. So whats a girl supposed to do when shes stuck in an area that’s not on her map of Florence? Google maps–sorry johnny. Anyways, I somehow stumble into the school and show up 20 minutes late for my class. We took an espresso break midway through class, just because. Is anyone else thinking that italy is the place for me or is it just me?

So after class I found the bookstore by the duomo. Yes, I might have bought a few cookbooks. I mean when in Florence, right? I had my first real italian pizza. Can you say delicious? Holy smokes I may eat one every day. While having my lunch I met an older woman that was from London. She told me that she was still on her “year long trip” that started in 1968. She was quite funny but she had a rather dark beard.


After I had my lunch it was time for my first italian culinary course. This time when I made the trek down there I didn’t get lost. In my class I was accompanied by Mirrin and Asli (pronounced marian and ashley). Mirrin came over from New Zealand and has been traveling for 3 months with 3 more months to go. Asli is just getting the cultural experience. The chef that taught us currently works at the Four Seasons here and he is married to a woman from San Antonio. Small world. Anyways we made pappa al pomodorro which is a tomato soup with bread whisked in it. We made a zuchinni ripieni aka stuffed squash with veal and bread crumbs and fresh parmigiano cheese. I was in charge of making cicci or cookies which were THE bomb. The squash as pictured below were what they called apple squash. They had such a great flavor about them. I may have to throw them in my garden next summer. Also, I had veal for the first time–definitely wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I can’t say that I would order that over a bolognese sauce though.


After my class, I walked home and finally rested at about 6 p.m. I’m practically crippled at this point. Jen updated her step count and it wasn’t 11,000 steps it was actually 19,000 yesterday. I’m pretty sure these cobblestones are turning my legs into mush. Anyways, its a brand new day tomorrow and I can’t wait to try some more new things!





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