11,000 Steps

Buona Sera!

So, after traveling for what seemed like forever and a decade I finally arrived in Florence. While going through the dramatics of an international adventure I made a friend named Donald, Donald J. Pliner. Yeah, I almost freaked out when I actually figured out who I was actually talking to. I’m pretty sure that is the first celebrity I was ever physically able to talk to. The funny thing is is that he was completely normal, and actually took me under his wing through all of the dramatics. Which for those of you who were not involved in my slight panic attack of a flight I shall give you the 4-1-1. I almost touched down in Florence, as in I saw the ground, and the pilot pulled the aircraft up and we ended up landing in Bologna. I took a bus from there to Florence and took a taxi to my apartment, which by the grace of god my roommate answered so I was able to get in. My apartment is very nice here which I was pretty surprised by. The only kicker is is that I do not have any air conditioning. Fortunately it’s only 80 here so it isn’t unbearable, just stagnant and slightly sweaty. My roommates are all very nice. Two of them go to school in Auburn, one goes to Parsons and the other goes to Richmond Institute of Technology. We are a good hodge podge mix.

Today(June 29th) I woke up and went and walked around with my roommate Jen. She and I had lunch in front of a basillica. I had the most delicious bruschette of my life. The tomatoes were so fresh and the balsamic vinegar was SO good. Then we walked back to the apartment and got ready for our orientation. Which we ended up being late to because being the girls that we are, we felt a few raindrops and ran back to the apartment to grab our raincoats. Turns out, it didn’t rain at all and we didn’t need them. Our orientation was really interesting. I expected the group of students to be rather large but there was only around 30 kids. I’ve noticed that there are so many americans here which is a blessing and a curse. I would love to be surrounded by italians, but it is also so nice and comforting to here someone that speaks your own language. Anyways, after we went to orientation we grabbed my first Italiano gelato.Image

This is the flavor “cookies” which was SO SO good. I now understand why everyone raves about gelato. After we had our ice cream we walked over to the Ponto Vecchio which was beautiful. Then we met up with the group to have an appertivo. Jen, Laura(who is a girl from brazil) and I walked down and around the Duomo. I really can’t get over how beautiful Florence is! Anyways, off to class early in the morning!




2 thoughts on “11,000 Steps

  1. Love that you’re blogging! So happy you made it there safely and looks like you’re already enjoying the cuisine. So jealous of that gelato from gelaterie la carraia! Have the best time & keep updating! Love you

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